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Our Indoor Barndominium Slide

The Mad County Large plan wouldn’t be complete without the slide that runs along the stairs to the second floor. When we started dreaming about our post frame build over 3 years ago, indoor slide was at the top of our priority list. Yes, it was 100% must have.

We debated long and hard what the surface of the slide should be made out of until one of our followers on Instagram sent us a post by Durasein. It portrayed a slide next to the stairs and we immediately thought "done". That was it. We reached out to Durasein to get some more information about the product and they graciously partnered with us to make this project happen. Durasein offers a product that is a great surface for anything from countertops to unique wall features and of course a slide!

Paul made sure to build it in a way that would support adults and kids using it! It's a legit slide... you can really go fast! The kids especially have loved it and spend hours going down (and climbing back up).

When it comes to a post frame barndominium design you have the option to do something unique like an indoor slide! Watch the video to see how it came together. Thank you Durasein for being a part of the Mad County Build!




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