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Tips For Designing Storage + Organization- That You'll Love

If you thought I was passionate about barndominiums... it's NOTHING compared to my love of great organization solutions. Yes, that makes me a little type A and probably a lot more intense, but I can't help it!

When you're designing your barndominium it's so easy to focus on the visible details and forget the behind the scenes. Pinterest has trained us to have a laundry list of "must-haves" that show off our style and aesthetic. We believe that if our home has just the right amount of this color or that stone that we'll live the life we imagine when we look through our boards.

I absolutely love that part of design and dream right along with someone! I've also learned over the years that part of living the life you want is having things manageable and flow easily day to day. That's why I'm sharing my list of tips for incorporating storage and organization into your design.

Keep reading and don't forget to download the printable worksheet at the end!

  1. Take inventory of your current storage areas. Be honest about the amount of memorabilia boxes, holiday decor, and other items you have stashed away in closets, attics, and basements. You might be planning to purge before you move into your barndominium, but you know yourself best. Don't design thinking your storage needs will drastically change.

  2. Consider what spaces in your home make you struggle the most. Is it how you store your cleaning supplies, fine china, Christmas trees, or kid's toys? This list may be short or long depending on how organized your current home is, but again, BE HONEST. After you've made your list, put the items in priority so if your design can't include them all at least you've hit the major ones.

  3. Think about how you like seeing items. Are you drawn to seeing things in drawers, contained on open shelves, or displayed in closets? Understanding how you like to visualize your items will help your design team and cabinet designer offer suggestions for maximizing space.

  4. What is the pace of your life? For on the go families, focus on what will be your primary door in and out of your barndominium. Include storage and organization in that space to minimize piles of shoes, bags on the floor, and the chaos that comes with it.

  5. Before you go, let it go. I've heard it said that you can't organize yourself out of too much stuff, and this couldn't be more true. As you prepare to build your barndominium, let go of the items in your home that aren't getting used. This will make the process of moving smoother along with saving money on storing items during the build if you won't be moving from your current home directly into the new one. If that absolutely overwhelms you- start small. Pick one closet or drawer at a time and before you know it you'll have gone through your entire house.

As always, my goal is to help you design, plan, + build a barndominium you'll love to live in. I hope you've found this post helpful as you move towards building your dream. That's not all! Click the link below to download my worksheets that will help you work through everything you've just read.

Tips For Designing Storage + Organization
Download PDF • 57KB



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