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Our Barndo Canning Kitchen

The why and design behind our barndominium canning kitchen

Canning has been a big part of self sustaining practices for many years, especially in Paul's family. Canning provides their family with a significant amount of their food year round and that is something we wanted to do for our family as well.

When building our Barndominium, we knew we wanted to create way to be self sustaining without making things too complicated. We designed this Canning Kitchen as a part of our garage so that we would have a bigger, more open space to be able to process our garden harvest and meats.

With a garden as big as ours, this has been one of our more functional spaces, during the times we harvest but may not have time to process all our produce right away it serves to hold the harvest we have without taking over our kitchen. This was a huge win for our family.

While our canning kitchen may seem like a luxury, we were very intentional with the products we choose to make sure they served functional without breaking the bank. See the details below.

Canning Kitchen Details

Those of you that know us, know that while completing the interior of our barndominium we lived in our shop garage. This space served as our kitchen during the time and this sink was amazing. It's 3 basins made cooking, cleaning and washing little hands simple and separate.

We found this on an auction site we found here in Iowa for just around 500.00 dollars.

3 basins

90”W x 24”D x 36”H

When choosing a range, we wanted something that would be used for canning, as well as extra oven space we could use for the holidays and parties we would be hosting. This range was perfect for both. When canning I can have 2 to 3 water baths going at a time, which greatly cuts down on processing times.

We found this range for sale on Facebook market place for a great price. It was used for about a year and had the original receipt with it. Retail it goes for about $12,000, we bought it for $3,500 making it one of my favorite finds. It has been worth every penny.

6 burners

48" Duel Fuel

Sourced from Facebook Marketplace; Made By Dacor

If canning and sustainability is important to you, I would definitely look into adding a canning kitchen to your build or appliances that will support your goals. Remember it doesn't have to be expensive to be functional and to check out auction sites/Facebook Market for good finds!

Happy Canning,




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