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Giving Thanks In My Barndominium

Holiday season 2023 has begun in our barndominium, + with that so much to be thankful for!

Some links may earn commission, but not all! Read on to see why.

Celebrating the holidays has become one of the things I love most about finally finishing our barndominium build. After spending years in different places, decor in storage, and very little room to think about it I've really become passionate about it.

Setting the table for our family and friends to join us is my absolute favorite. It's my chance to tell each guest how much I appreciate them by making their time with us special. I grew up with grandparents who were antique dealers which has made me appreciate mixing old and new together.

Homemakers dining table for thanksgiving

Investing In Timeless Pieces

Each time I plan a new table setting I go first to what I already have. Using items time and again can be so much more rewarding than always seeking new. Because each time you use the item you'll also think of the other memories made when that was a part of your table.

The investment in pieces doesn't have to be extravagant. It can be a find at a thrift store, garage sale, or something inexpensive from the store. I choose pieces I know I will love over and over. Some of my lowest cost items have been the most used throughout the years!

Patience With Building

My tables are the result of years of building a collection. Some of my pieces have been handed down through generations, and others collected by me. It takes time, so it's perfectly fine to start with simplicity and watch things evolve as the years go by. Again, those pieces will carry the memories with them and it will give you even more reasons to be thankful for times past.

Thank you for being a part of my life and sharing this special table with me during the holidays. Keep scrolling to see my sources and be encouraged to collect what inspires you- new and old.

Dishes are from my grandmother's everyday collection. Silverware is from Amazon. Chargers are from Hobby Lobby.

Napkins are from Kohls. Napkin rings were a clearance find early on in our marriage! Stemware was a wedding gift to my parents. Tumbler is from my grandfather's antique collection.

Leaves are from a clearance bin nearly 10 years ago! Small boards are from Hobby Lobby. Antique brass candle holder with taper from Homemakers.

Turkey was a gift. Leaf dishes are from my grandfather's antique collection. Plant from Target. Pumpkins found in the Target Dollar Spot.

Jar candle holder from Walmart. Fabric pumpkins from Dollar Tree. Table, chairs, bench, and rug from Homemakers.



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