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Our Barndo Shower Suite - Master Bathroom

One thing that we've discovered in renovating and self-building is that you finish what's absolutely essential first and the rest comes trailing behind. The primary suite has been one of the non-essential finished spaces for us, but happy to report that it's officially done!

Neither Paul or I felt like we needed a soaking tub which provided extra room for the shower. We are so pleased with how everything turned out. I was originally looking at simple, classic tile. As the build process went on I decided it was time to change it up!

All of our cabinetry is the same, the countertops are the same, fixtures, etc. so the primary suite needed a WOW factor to differentiate it from the rest of the house. I knew I wanted to keep the matte black fixtures and go bold with my tile.

You can shop our picks!

Contempra 1-Handle Shower Trim Kit

Contempra 3-piece Handheld Shower Kit

Pfister Valve Options

Check out our other bathroom posts for more details on faucets and accessories HERE and HERE.

Here is a list of the other materials used in this shower...

Rialto Grand Hexagon Porcelain Mosaic

Opal Lustre Glass Tile

Rialto Flow Ceramic Wall Tile

Wall Shelf

Corner Shelf

Schluter Trim in Matte Black

Mapei 19 Pearl Gray Ultracolor Plus FA Grout

Thank you Pfister for partnering with us on the Mad County Build!


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